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Computing Curriculum

Magic Cloud is designed to work with computing curriculum

We believe that like reading and counting, children should be encouraged to wonder and explore the world of computing from the earliest age.

At its simplest form, children should learn how, from automatic doors to streetlights, we can give computers instructions to help us. The Magic Cloud lets children from as young as four give instructions to a computer in a rather magical way

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Creative Computing in the Early Years

Find out about Magic Cloud

What is the Magic Cloud?

The Magic Cloud is a USB device and software that lets children (4 years +) link their physical and digital worlds. It is a powerful tool for exploring computing creatively. The Magic Cloud offers a wide range of teaching and learning activities: from a story sequencing activity to bringing children's poetry to life. Look at some examples...

How do you use the Magic Cloud?

By a simple system of ’tagging’ and 'connecting', real objects can be made to show a video, song, image, or even a short webcam clip taken using the software. Children thereby create a system of events. Find out more about how the Magic Cloud works...

Magic Cloud and the Curriculum

Computing is not just about making images on screen move. The Magic Cloud addresses Computing curriculum objectives through hands-on creative activity. Read our position statement on Programming in Children's Earlier Years


Magic Cloud has helped lots of children discover the wonder of creative computing - watch our video to find out how...


The adults that have seen the children’s work are very impressed! It is a unique tool to teach children about programmable devices in the 21st century, a step on from the traditional programmable toys and it will help to deliver the suggested new ‘Computing curriculum.

“Magic Cushion is a delightfully simple yet powerful device for creative education, allowing young children to become multimedia producers by linking familiar objects with screen images to tell stories. This is a novel and innovative technology, based on sound educational methods.”

The Magic Cloud was fun to use…it was like magic when the different pictures came up after we put toys on it” (child)
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