About the Magic Cloud

The Magic Cloud is a new computing education tool for children aged 4+ through primary. The Magic Cloud enables children (and teachers) to program what image or video clip to show on screen when a ‘tagged’ object is placed on a soft cloud-shaped cushion. The Magic Cloud is a refreshingly creative (magical*) alternative to typical programming tools. See our education page to see other ways to use the Magic Cloud in teaching and learning. See our Magic Cloud kits to get started.

Watch our video to find out more about how the Magic Cloud works…


Using the Magic Cloud

The Magic Cloud is designed for simplicity – so children can focus on design rather than writing sequences of instructions. Programming the Magic Cloud consists of 4 simple steps. How does the computer know what to show on screen? Because you (children, teachers, …) give it instructions to do so. Why would we want to add digital information to a physical object? Design is a key part of computing.


Endless possiblities

With the Magic Cloud, children and teachers can create limitless creative designs for what happens if they place a real object on the Magic Cloud. Keep checking our examples for ideas to get you started.




* Okay, in case we get sued, there aren’t really any pixies inside the cloud. There is a RFID reader inside the magic cloud, which reads the tag and knows which photo to display.