About us

The Magic Cloud is made by PlingToys, a new company committed to developing novel and engaging digital toys that support learning. The emphasis is on using digital technology to encourage children to play, communicate, and be creative. The company very much builds on the knowledge and experience of its two founders: Andrew Manches and Zakir Mohmed.

Dr Andrew Manches

AndrewAndrew has 15 years experiences in Education, first as a primary teacher then as an academic. Plingtoys is Andrew’s night job. During the day, he works at the School of Education at the University of Edinburgh, where he researches the role of interaction in the way children think and learn and the implications for new forms of technology.  Click here to find out more about projects he is working on. Andrew has a partner and their two children aged 8 and 23 months. Party time starts at 5am daily.

Zakir Mohmed

zakZak has 20 years experience in the technology world. Over the last five years, Zak has successfully launched and run his own business providing technology solutions for a range of clients, with particular focus on the education sector. He has a MSc. Degree and is married with two children aged 3 and 5 years.