Here are some examples to help get you started. Please do email us your own and we will include here!
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    Information about our personal keepsakes

  • If I place my favourite Iron Man figure on the Magic Cloud…Then show information about me as a superhero
  • In this activity, children were asked to create information about a personal item using a Powerpoint slide. Then by saving the slide as an image, children were able to link their toy to this information. This provided a lovely presentation table for children to look at each other’s information.
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    Interactive nature table

  • If I place my leaf on the Magic Cloud…Then show the tree it came from
  • In this activity, children are encouraged to explore and talk about a range of different nature objects which the teacher has linked to images they found on the internet
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    About my plastercine model

  • If I place my plastercine snail on the Magic Cloud…Then show me describing it
  • In this activity, children are encouraged to record themselves describing their plastercine model. As they are able to re-record as many times as possible, children were able to watch and reflect upon their descriptions before choosing when to share with their class peers