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q What do I need to get started?

a With one of our kits, you will also need a Windows Computer (XP, 7, Vista, or Windows 8). To use the video clip feature, you will also need a webcam. No internet connection is required, just a USB port. If you want a ready-made teaching activity, then the Classroom kits come with materials for linking the Magic Cloud to Computing in children’s environment (e.g. how they use the same technology in bus cards, bank cards, Skylanders, etc…).

q Can children with Special Educational Needs use the Magic Cloud?

a We believe good design is simple design, so children can focus on what to create, not how to create. To access the Magic Cloud, children only need to be able to put an object on the cloud-shaped cushion. To record a clip to link to an object, children will need to click on (large) screen buttons. The ability to record, play, and re-record voices is particularly powerful for developing communication skills for all children.

q What do I do if I have a problem?

a Then email us and we will get back to you faster than a speeding train. As a young company, it is extremely important to us that every Magic Cloud user tells their friends how lovely and helpful we are.

q Won’t it get dirty?

a We started with the white Magic Cloud as a beautiful presentation piece for children to share their work with others. For everyday use in class, we now have six colour Clouds to choose from. For protection against especially grubby fingers, we now sell a Magic Cloud shower cap. Not for the shower mind you.

q How do I tell all my friends the Magic Cloud is amazing?

a Okay, we made this question up. But please do send us examples of ways you have used the Magic Cloud for our Examples page. Who knows, we may send you a present to say thank you…